There are so many issues that weigh on my mind and require much thought. Yet I am constantly thrown into planning arrangements for this blasted wedding upon Mother’s insistence. One thing’s good - it is at least a blatant distraction from listening for whatever speck of truth there are amongst the rumors.

I have not heard from him in so long. I am sorely tempted to inquire after him myself, but I have no idea where to even begin. 

Well, perhaps I have a few ideas…but they would require my absence for a number of days, and right now I’m not certain I could achieve that. Mother might have the sudden desire to change the flower arrangements - again. Some days I believe this wedding is entirely for her. An attempt to regain some sort of the splendor which this hall once had! Mother,  the only splendor Noatun’s seen in the last couple decades is a few new barnacles growing on the side that faces the sea… marrying Theoric would not change that.

And that is not what I want, anyway.

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